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Christopher Luczak - Christopher Luczak - 

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Software Developer

About Me

Short Biography

I’m Krzysztof Łuczak, a passionate software developer from Poland, currently residing in Wroclaw and working as a full-stack web developer.


Professional Goal

My aim is to craft innovative solutions that enhance lives and foster technological progress in society.


Work Experience

I've been a programmer for 3 years, primarily focusing on web-based projects.


Interests and Hobbies

Beyond coding, I'm passionate about entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and fitness, among others.



I excel in JavaScript, React, NextJs, and TypeScript, with a knack for both front-end and back-end development.


My Work



Wschowanews is a news portal that covers the city of Wschowa, providing the latest and most important events happening in the area. The website offers multiple sub-pages which allows users to navigate and find the desired category. Users can also create an account, comment on posts and engage in conversations with other members of the portal community.


Sklepy Krzys

Krzyś stores are online stores where you can order original German products and articles. Their offer includes household chemicals, sweets, groceries and many other things. Products are imported directly from German and Italian wholesalers, which guarantees originality, quality and safety.



Glasspol is a one-stop shop for purchasing windscreens for your car. Our advanced form makes it easy for customers to choose the right windscreen by allowing them to filter options, compare the quality and price of glass, and adjust their preferences. The form is designed to make the selection process as simple and efficient as possible.



ITcntr is a comprehensive portal application designed to appeal to individuals with an interest in the world of IT. It features the latest technological advancements, a wide range of courses for users to learn from, job opportunities, and a step-by-step guide, "How To Get Started In IT," to assist users in finding the right path for them. Users can create an account and engage in discussions with others, and even contribute by writing articles to help the entire ITcntr community.



The direct objective of the CentriX project is to increase the productivity and innovation of Mazovian enterprises by supporting their ability to use ultra-modern non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques, adapted to the needs of their customers and unavailable in the current economic system. Non-destructive testing (NDT), which will be carried out at the CentriX central laboratory, is primarily radiation testing.



JBM offers the widest range of high-quality tuning parts on the market. Their products are brand new and meet the highest quality standards. They provide professional services and excellent customer support, both before and after the sale. Trust them if you are looking for excellent parts for your car.



Introducing Bambuu, an e-commerce application that specializes in natural bamboo products. Shop for a wide range of products made from eco-friendly bamboo materials.

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